Achilles Awards Dinner 2019 - Nomination Criteria

Nomination Criteria

The Achilles NZ awards are given to acknowledge and reward individuals and volunteers and for excellence in sport performance, commitment to good practice in sport, and innovative and inclusive programs. The awards celebrate outstanding sporting achievements both on and off the field from across New Zealand and our Chapters.


In order to be eligible to receive an award, nominees must be a member of an Achilles NZ Chapter or be associated with Achilles NZ and meet the criteria for the particular award. Their activities must have enhanced the reputation of Achilles New Zealand therefore there is a need for the nominees conduct both on and off the field to be considered.

Award Period

The awards period will be based on performance in the 12 months preceding the closing date for nominations i.e. 4th May 2018 to 5th May 2019.


Nominations may be made by individuals, chapters or associations who are members of Achilles NZ. Nominations must address the selection criteria outlined below for the appropriate award category.

Closing date for Nominations

The closing date for nominations will be 5th May 2019


The Achilles NZ Board will appoint a selection panel whose decision will be final. Recipients in each category will receive a complimentary invitation for themselves to attend the awards.


  1. Male and Female Athlete of the Year

Recognition of an athlete who exhibits the highest level of skill, performance and dedication to their sport.


  • Outstanding performance at Chapter level

  • Outstanding performance at National level

  • Outstanding performance at International level

Other awards, honours or achievements throughout the year appropriate to their sporting participation

2.Volunteer of the Year

Recognition of a volunteer or an administrator for service, innovation and programs, and dedication to their Chapter and sport


  • Self-organised

  • Ran things smoothly

  • Replied promptly to issues

  • Coordinated or assisted in Fundraising campaigns

  • Has acted as a role model for the chapter through leadership, education, positive support for chapter activities

  • Promoted the sport to the wider community

  • Demonstrated a passion for the sport

Other achievements………………………

3. Ambassador of the Year

Recognition of an ambassador for service, innovation and programs, and dedication to Achilles New Zealand.

Selection Criteria is as follows:

Any ambassador who over the past 12 months has:

  • demonstrated a positive attitude and dedication to Achilles

  • willingly assisted others to improve their performances of Achilles members or the

  • organisation

  • developed and improved personal goals

  • maintained a friendly outlook and regard for others in Achilles

How to Nominate

Complete the official nomination form in accordance with the particular category and give as much information as possible with the nomination. Please note that a chapter may submit more than one nomination. Each nomination is to be submitted separately, addressing the particular selection criteria Nominations close on 5 th May 2019

Alana Lythe