Achilles NZ Ambassadors selflessly help us to raise awareness of the Achilles mission throughout NZ. Their support and commitment significantly assists numerous kiwi's with disabilities to experience the joy of personal achievement in mainstream athletic events.



I am a blind guy from Auckland, New Zealand who enjoys running, cycling and generally keeping fit and active. I have done five New York City Marathons with the last one being in 2013.  I have also participated in a variety of local running and cycling events. Since 2006 I have managed the website www.blindrunner.com as a resource for blind runners and their guides. 
I work as an Adaptive Technology Consultant for the Blind Foundation in New Zealand - and I am currently on the board of Achilles International New Zealand as well as Blind Sport New Zealand.


So what makes me so special? Well that’s just it… Nothing at all. I am just a guy who is into his sport and fitness, is living an independent life who one day decided to merge his passion for sport, technology and sarcastic wit/political incorrectness to hopefully create a podcast that will promote blind sport and be of interest to others. I will not claim to be the all-knowing sports oracle or fitness guru, but I am happy to share what I know and learn as I go with the rest of you via the content that I discover as these recordings are created and as I meet new people who are doing new things. Learn more about running blind at theblindsportpodcast.com.



Jaden is a young man who was born with Spina Bifida and has had more medical procedures than most adults experience in a lifetime, yet lives life with an abundance of positivity, generosity and determination. Aside from being a 10 year old boy, Jaden is an athlete (swimming, triathlon, wheelchair basketball, hand-cycling), an ambassador (Yes Disability Resource Centre), a performer (Kapahaka, Hip-hop), and a fundraiser (for many charities who support kids with disabilities). He has a global following and has made friends with Grammy award winning artists, world champion athletes, celebrities, and many others with or without disabilities.
Prime Minister Key has said that Jaden is “a great inspiration to other kids” and The International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus says he “is an important role model and inspiring advocate”. 
Jaden has been involved with Achilles International NZ since 2010 and was made Achilles Kids Ambassador in 2015, a role he is very excited to have and hopes to encourage other kids whatever their ability or disability to get involved in running events. Visit Jaden's Facebook Page here...

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