Achilles international New Zealand is not alone in our mission to help people with disabilities, being just one organisation among many working to enhance the lives of others who face difficulties in their daily lives. We would like to acknowledge others out there in the community who help people with disabilities in many other ways.


THE BLIND FOUNDATION is New Zealand’s main provider of practical and emotional support for the 11,700 Kiwis who are blind or have low vision, enabling them to face their future with confidence. They empower and support blind people to provide them the same opportunities and choices as everyone else by equipping them with the skills needed to participate fully in society, including support in living independently and getting around, help with technology, ways to continue reading and communicating, and advice on staying in or looking for work. You can learn more about their vital work at:


THE HALBERG DISABILITY SPORT FOUNDATION (formerly known as the 'Halberg Trust') was founded by Sir Murray Halberg on the belief that all people, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport. Through the Halberg AllSports programme, they work with physically disabled young people to ensure they don't miss out on the health, wellness and social benefits that sport and recreation provides, while the Foundation's flagship fundraising event is the Halberg Awards, New Zealand's pre-eminent sports awards to honour and celebrate sporting excellence. Learm more at:


Parafed Auckland (Auckland Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Association Inc.), is a non–profit organisation which acts as an umbrella organisation for individuals with physical disabilities in the greater Auckland region to provide sporting and recreational opportunities. An increasing number of Aucklander’s have physical disabilities and Parafed Auckland encourage them to maintain an active lifestyle. Aside from the obvious physical and health benefits, which are many, regular involvement in sports increases people’s overall quality of life:


PARALYMPICS NEW ZEALAND is recognised by Sport New Zealand and High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) as the National Sports Organisation for disabled athletes. Paralympics NZ supports and encourages opportunities for disabled people to participate in sports, from regional, national and international levels. Sports are offered through a network of Regional Parafed Associations, National disabled & able-bodied Sports Organisations, clubs, coaches and individuals. Paralympics NZ provides athletes and coaches access to international competitions, such as the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games and IPC World Championships. Visit:


THE NEW ZEALAND RUGBY FOUNDATION is focused on support and advocacy for seriously injured rugby players. They partner with catastrophically injured rugby players for life, financially and emotionally, and have over 100 VIPs on their books – yes, very injured players, Very Important People. They are the first line of support for these players, helping them to rehabilitate and to bridge the gap between ‘before’ and ‘after’ quality of life assisting through lifestyle retraining for the player and his family, financial grants, funding for specialised mobility needs and vocational training and/or retraining as required. Learn more about them at:


THE ANNUAL ATTITUDE AWARDS are presented to people whose extraordinary talents have often failed to be recognised by New Zealand society, and help to draw media attention to the 17% of New Zealand’s population who live with disability. They also pay tribute to the employers who work alongside disabled people to ensure they are able to contribute to society and live full and satisfying lives. Achilles NZ are proud to have members winning awards including athletes Dave McCalman and Gary Endacott, long time Achilles Volunteer Garth (Gunner)Cowley and most recently Achilles NZ Co-founder, athlete and board Member Craig Jessop. Learn more at:


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