What sort of disabilities do you cater for?

We try to cater to anyone and everyone. Achilles NZ wants to support anyone who is physically challenged, whether that is from injury, illness, genetics or other. We have been known to work with people challenged by any form of: loss of vision, cerebral palsy, paraplegia, arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, amputation, cystic fibrosis, stroke, cancer, traumatic head injury, and will try to assist anyone who asks for support.

What's included in membership for an athlete?

  • Open access to any and all fortnightly training sessions around NZ.
  • Invitations to attend any mainstream events that Achilles is working with around NZ.
  • Assistance, general coaching advice, support and companionship during training and events.
  • Support, where possible, in obtaining suitable wheelchair, handcycle, prosthetic or other required equipment.
  • Possible discounts on race fees and/or assistance with accommodation costs when travelling.
  • Monthly e-newsletter updates and inclusion in social media (Facebook/Twitter)

What's included in membership for volunteers?

  • Open access to support an athlete at any and all fortnightly training sessions around NZ.
  • Invitations to support athletes during mainstream events that Achilles is working with around NZ.
  • Training is available for any volunteers wishing to support and/or guide an athlete.
  • Possible discounts on race fees (where possible) when guiding.
  • Monthly e-newsletter updates and inclusion in social media (Facebook/Twitter)

Do you cater for disabled children?

Yes. We think it's important that every child with a disability is encouraged to participate in physical activity in whatever way they can. We can help them enjoy the challenge of running, rolling or walking and we'll do all we can to bolster their self-esteem along the way - and have some FUN. Children are invited to participate in any of our Sunday training sessions and in any event that our other Achilles athletes will be attending (note: age-restrictions may apply in some cases). We'll pair them with other children where possible and be with them every step of the way, providing cheery encouragement and support.

Can you help with cycling events too?

Running events are our primary focus for mainstream activity, but we will happily look at getting involved with some cycling events within NZ if demand within our membership exists.

How do I become a member?

All our athletes have very different needs - and all our volunteers offer very different skills so it's best to let us know a bit about you and your situation when you make contact. To join us (it's free) just complete our online Membership Application here... or visit our Contact Us page and phone the person listed as you nearest local dedicated contact.

Can you help me obtain a wheelchair or prosthetic limb?

Yes we can. We have associations with key providers of wheelchairs, pushrims and handcycles as well as specialist prosthetics for active amputees. This said, as all our funding is by donation, we are not able to purchase the equipment for you without dedicated funding from somewhere. The equipment could be obtained at your own personal expense or we could apply for a grant on your behalf (this may see ownership of the equipment retained by Achilles) or we could help you to create a campaign to obtain donations from the public.

What sort of discounts can you offer for event entries?

Discounts are dependent on each events race organiser. We can often secure free race entry for our Guides and usually some form of discount for our Athletes. These discounts are outlined within race details on the Event Calendar page here on our website.

Who pays for what if I need to travel to an event?

If running events are held outside of the city where you reside Achilles NZ may be able to help with some financial assistance by meeting some or all of the race fees and some part of the costs of room and board at the city where the event takes place. However you will be responsible for your own transportation costs.

Can you help me get to the fortnightly training sessions?

Probably not, unless one of our local volunteers is able to help you out with a lift, you’ll need to arrange your own transportation.

Can I enter every event when using a wheelchair?

Unfortunately not. Some events go off-road in places and others operate in areas where cycling equipment is just not suitable. Notes confirming suitability of events for wheelchairs are available on our Event Calendar.

I'd love to help but have no idea how to guide someone.

We provide all the training you’ll need and, while the idea of functioning as someone else’s eyes, ears, guide, and motivator may sound daunting, all you really need to do is provide companionship and safety. Good conversation and a willingness to help will be your greatest aid to supporting an Achilles athlete.

If I join, do I have to sign up for these big events?

Not at all. Our goal is to help get you moving, that’s all. If you’re happy just walking a bit at our fortnightly training sessions then that’s okay with us. We won’t pressure you to run a marathon.

What if I do want to get serious and go for a marathon?

We’ll be happy to help too. We can help with general training programmes and support to get you to the start line of any distance event in the best possible condition that you can manage. We’ll be with you every step of the way, but it’ll be up to you to get to the finish line.