Achilles New Zealand is run entirely by a group of volunteers, all with full-time jobs outside of their commitments here. We are dependent on donations from sponsors for all funding and upon the active participation and goodwill of our members to help each other to achieve their goals. Achilles board members are all actively engaged in ensuring our athletes and guides receive the best possible support when participating in a mainstream running event.

The Achilles NZ Board's areas of responsibility

All activity required to ensure our athletes are able to participate, safely and supported, in mainstream running events.

  • Coordination with mainstream running event Race Directors for Achilles presence, discounts and other benefits.
  • Ensuring guides and volunteers are matched appropriately to athletes and to all other support requirements on the day. Coordinating meeting points, course appropriateness (wheelchairs, blind, etc), bag drops, registration details, race pack collection, after run needs/get togethers, gazebos/tents, accommodation options, transport and travel, etc.

Alternate contacts: John Bowden


All activity required to ensure Achilles receives sufficient funding to operate and our members can obtain fundraising support.

  • Coordination of community grants applications for member equipment and any other requirements (travel, accomm, etc).

  • Overseeing the organisations financial management and fundraising efforts via a fundraising calendar of events.


Alternate contact: John Bowden

All activity required to ensure athletes, guides and volunteers obtain tangible benefits of membership outside of event participation.

  • Coordination and growth of existing and new local chapters around NZ to provide members with regular fortnightly training and social engagement opportunities.
  • Providing all members access to appropriate coaching assistance.
  • Managing appropriate introductions for all new members.

PRIMARY CONTACT: Mike Lloyd or 021 044 9428
Alternate contact: John Bowden

Meet the Achilles NZ Board

All activity required to ensure Achilles is capable of working with a network of partners, sponsors and other similar organisations.

  • Coordination of all sponsorship, support partner and/or government agency relationships. 
  • Overseeing the drive to build closer bonds with other disability organisations and running clubs.

PRIMARY CONTACT: Allan or 021 882 266
Alternate contacts: John Bowden

All activity required to ensure membership engagement via timely and informative communications and the growth of Achilles brand within NZ.

  • Coordination of Achilles web presence (website, social media, advertising), communication forums (Monthly Memo) and positive Public Relations activity, including Ambassador relationships.
  • Coordinating all branded collateral (T-Shirts, flyers, brochures, stationary, banners, gazebos, etc)


Alternate contact: John Bowden

Contact details for our volunteer Local Area Leaders

Achilles Auckland

Matt McNeil

Les Ress
021 161 3176

Heather McGill
03 3754327 or 0272126321

Useful Resources for Achilles Members

* How to Set Up a Fundraiser Page in Give-A-Little to direct donations to Achilles NZ - Download PDF here...

* General Flyer for promoting Achilles within New Zealand - Download PDF here...
This can be adjusted for use in a specific area only -e.g. Download Achilles Christchurch Flyer (PDF) here- please contact John Bowden for your area.

* Read our Frequently Asked Questions online here...

* Dates and Times for local fortnightly training sessions are available here...

* Tips for volunteer Guide Runners are available here...

* A calendar of upcoming events available to Achilles members is available here...

* New members can JOIN US online here - or download a printable PDF Membership Application Form here...