August Newsletter

Hi members and friends of Achilles NZ,

A few thanks. Firstly, to our major supporters Cigna, ICAP, Pure Sports Nutrition and the Lottery Grants Board. We appreciate your commitment and valuable support of Achilles NZ of our Chapters, our members and guides. It has been a privilege meeting you all and to our members please support them as often as you can.
Secondly, to our Ambassador and Guides. You give so much of your time in many various ways but especially in the area of event support. This allows all out members to compete around the country and of course in the New York marathon. The Taupo event where we had athletes and guides compete over the 10km and the Half Marathon was a successful day-some (Neroli) travelling all the way from Dunedin to meetup with her new and first- time guide Wilma from Auckland with baby Scarlett-we start them young in Achilles!! Mike one or our Ambassadors also had a fun day in the sun guiding in the half marathon.
Many others I know are training hard around the regions for upcoming events in Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch-Kaikoura Whale Run and Walk Event – September 9th, 3 people entering with Guide support, 10km and half marathon event. Some are making a weekend of it and supporting the Kaikoura community. So enjoy your events over the coming weeks and keep up the hard work and athletes please always thank your guides and coaches.
Thirdly, to our Chapter leads and coaches. We certainly appreciate that you volunteer so much of your free time to make sure our Chapters are running smoothly, are growing in membership and our members are training hard. I attended one of the Hamilton training sessions at the Porritt stadium this month and did they work hard on a fine but cold and dark Wednesday night. I am looking forward to seeing their results of all their hard work. Rosa from the Board and I are working on a new Chapter manual and we are excited once this document is finished to share it with you. I am sure it will help and strengthen existing chapters and new chapters once they have been established.
Fourth thankyou is to the Achilles Board that was voted in at the May AGM and led by Allan the new chair. They are all volunteers who have busy lives with families (our thanks to all the family members of our Board for allowing them to volunteer for Achilles) and again commit valuable hours of their free time. I can tell you they have worked very hard in August in many areas but our new Strategic Plan has been finalised. This document will map the way forward over the next three years so I believe there are exciting times ahead for Achilles NZ.
The fifth thank you goes to all the Parafeds in New Zealand who are working alongside Achilles to get more disabled athletes into events. It is a close relationship that we have and we thank them for their commitment to Achilles, their advice and their exchanging of ideas which will make both organisations more productive and successful now and into the future.
Please remember to encourage all your friends and family to enter the 2018 Rotorua marathon and pick Achilles as their charity of choice.
Here is the link to the EDH page where you can set up the page and start fundraising – any questions let me know and I will make contact and discuss them with Jo at Athletics New Zealand.
A warm welcome too to our new members and guides who have joined Achilles NZ this August and I know will contribute to our mission which “is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, promote personal achievement, and enhance self-esteem and lower barriers.”
Finally, a Happy Father’s Day to all those Dads who are involved in our fantastic organisation for September 3rd-celebrate well and enjoy being spoiled!!
 John Bowden,
National Manager

Matt McNeilComment