February Newsletter

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Achilles International NZ Logo

Hi members and friends of Achilles NZ, Welcome to the February edition of the monthly update regarding the activities of Achilles International New Zealand.

Wellington Round the Bays 2019

“ Together all the way” - Cigna

That seemed very relevant this weekend while watching all the Guides, Athletes, Ambassadors and Cigna representatives get together from all over New Zealand to participate in the Wellington Round the bays. We had 110 Achilles members Taking part in the 21km, 10km, and 6.5km. This would not have been possible without our key sponsor, Cigna NZ, being there to bring everyone together and host the team before and after the race. It was truly evident that this weekend was about people coming together to achieve their goals and have lots of fun. We cant wait to do it again next year!

From the Board - Allan Smith

  • SAVE THE DATE - Achilles NZ Annual Awards dinner will be held on Friday the 24th May from 7pm - 10pm at the Millennium Institute of sport in Auckland. The AGM will be the following morning from 9.30am - 10.30am.

    To provide New Zealanders with disabilities the opportunity to participate alongside able-bodied athletes in local, national and international events. The Board over the last 18 months has been able to grow its activities and the organisation is recognized internationally.

    We are seeking a new board member one of whom has a background in finance management. The current member is moving overseas for a new opportunity.

    The makeup of our current board includes a range of diversity and it would be useful if the applicant is a woman. One applicant skill set would be advantageous with a background of finance. A knowledge of the disability sports arena would also be of value.

    This is an opportunity to gain entry into a governance role and make a contribution to an organisation looking to grow in partnership with other sporting organisations in NZ that support those athletes with a disability.

    The person could reside anywhere in NZ but would prefer that the member would be living in Auckland. Our National Manager operates from Parafed Auckland offices.

    We particularly encourage applications from Women, Tangata whenua, A broad range of ethnicity, Individuals with a disability, The LGBTIQ community.

    Contact Name: Allan Smith
    Contact number: 021 959 397
    Contact email: asmith@accessable.co.nz

Athlete of the Month - Jaxon Woolley


What Achilles Chapter are you a part of? Auckland

What is your Injury/Disability? Polymicrogyria (90% chance of developing intractable epilepsy), Cerebral Palsy (left hemiparesis), Worster Drought Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Supraventricular tachycardia.

 How long have you been injured/disabled for and how did it happen? Since before birth

 What running achievement are you most proud of? Winning special Olympics cross country three years in a row.

 What is your Favorite Event? Halberg Games, Park run, Orewa Beach Series, Coatesville downhill dash, Round the Bays (Auckland and Wellington) – I love them all, it’s too hard to pick one. My favourite distance is 1500m.

 What are you Hobbies/Interests? Cars – formula 1 and V8 supercars. I also like camping with my family, rugby and drift karting.

 What is your Favorite food? Mums Macaroni and cheese.

 What do you love most about running with Achilles NZ? I love how it’s like a family, everyone looks out for me, I am cheeky to everyone and they all think I’m funny. I also like how we always get coffee because I get a smoothie.

 If you could invite any four people to Dinner who would they be and why? Max Verstappen – because he’s my favourite formula 1 driver, Storm Purvis – because she’s my friend, Shaz Dagg because she’s my mentor and my friend, and Cooper Preston – because he’s my best friend and I reckon he would like the other three people too.

 Do you have a favorite Quote? What is it? No nonsense. That’s funny because it’s my sponsor Salming’s quote, and I always give lots of nonsense, but I still get out there and do it so it’s still kind of a good quote for me.

Oceania Para triathlon Championships - Shaz Dagg

On Sunday the 24th February Achilles member, Shaz Dagg, competed in the Oceania Paratriathlon Champs in Newcastle, Australia. Below is her Race recap…..

“Silver medal for me and a big time improvement to my last race on the gold coast with a 6 minute time difference so extremely happy with that! The course was quite a undulating one and there were severe wind gusts on the bike course from the effect of cyclone Oma. The Bike was along the seas edge so I did find myself getting blown across the other side of the road in places. The bike stage was purely a case of staying safe and making it to the next transition and Run.

The swim was a little choppy with quite a bit of swell, perhaps I swam a bit further than I should have due to these swells but pleased to get onto land and onto the bike course!

Once I knew I survived the swim and bike it was just the last leg of the 5km run, which was rather pleasant knowing it was the last section of the race.

I am even more happy knowing it was a silver medal and that I was runner up to the current world number one. 

My Next race is this Saturday in Devonport Tasmania which is my 1st world cup race in the series. Unfortunately these are the last 2 rather close races as from now on its, Montreal, Tokyo, lassauune and Spain and possibly Banyoles. This is all at a huge expense of my own and I will have to sit down with my coaches, Shane and Tammy Reed from F3 to discuss final options.”

If people wish to follow my journey since becoming a above elbow amputee only 12 months ago feel free on……

Facebook and instragam: paratriathlete_shaz Dagg

Athlete of the Month - Maree Carson

What Achilles Chapter are you a part of? Wellington

What is your Injury/Disability? Visually impaired

 How long have you been injured/disabled for and how did it happen? I was diagnosed when I was 16, and it is a degenerative eye condition – retinitis pigmentosa.

 What running achievement are you most proud of? New York Marathon 2016, Abel Tasman Coastal Classic 2017

 What is your favourite Event? New York Marathon 2016, Xterra, WUU2k

 What are you hobbies / interests? Anything in the outdoors, tramping, ocean swimming, travelling to new destinations, yoga, tandem cycling, cooking.

 What is your favorite food? Thai food from Thailand

 What do you love most about running with Achilles NZ? The amazing people I’ve met, and the time they are willing to give freely to help me achieve my goals

Do you have a favorite Quote? What is it? “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "What a ride!” - Hunter S Thompson

Where Achilles can take you…… If you dare! - Shannon Cleave

2 years ago, I met Peter Loft and Max by accident - Waikato Chapter leaders - we got chatting, and eventually my flatmate and I decided to give Sunday a go... We figured what is the worst that could happen? And we’d meet some people.
2 years on we are still coming along to as many Sunday meets as we can, Kim walks half marathons for fun, and I’ve taken up para triathlon.
Last Sunday I had a very proud moment, when I raced beside my amazing guide Vicki, wearing a New Zealand  Racing kit with the Achilles logo added across the chest. 
We have trained hard to get where we are today and this is a stepping stone on my journey to race at the Tokyo Paralympics, because of the way triathlon works, we will spend the next 18 months traveling around the world gathering points to qualify.
Going to the Paralympics and representing my country in sport was beyond even my wildest dreams 2 years ago; now through hard work, a good coach and my exceptional guides, it  has become a legitimate goal.
The race in Newcastle was challenging, it was symbolic really beast, every race, every run, every walk, every endeavor has its challenges and that is what we learn from sport and Achilles, to keep on trying.
Vicki and I and Vicki’s husband Mark are headed off to Tasmania to race again this weekend. Wish us luck!

parkrun New Zealand

Dont forget to checkout your local parkrun! These are great FREE 5km running events held every Saturday at a location near you. Follow the Below Links for all of the lastest news from parkrun, including a round the bays update from Jaxon Wooley!

http://blog.parkrun.com/nz/2019/01/16/feedback-from-the-field-60/ http://blog.parkrun.com/nz/2019/01/29/parkrun-diary-55/


Written by Marewa Sutherland

The number one question our sports nutritionist Marewa Sutherland gets asked is, what is the quickest way to drop weight?  This is in the context of both healthy living and staying lean for sports performance (power to weight ratio).

As you probably know already there is no quick fix or even a one size fits all approach, but here are some tips of the trade to point you towards real results in maintaining a healthy & balanced lifestyle: 

  • Don't get caught up on the numbers. The endpoint of a goal should not be the number you see on the scales. Besides the fact weight is naturally changeable (hydration status, muscle vs. fat percentage and hormone influence etc) weight loss should hands-down be the byproduct of a number of small but sustainable changes you make to diet, exercise and lifestyle balance. 

  • Enter an event to achieve your fitness goals. Ditch the quick-fix solutions and commit to a sporting event you have always wanted to do. Locking in an event will provide positive motivation to get training. Get out of your comfort zone by choosing a new event or longer distance. Invest in some good training and nutrition advice and allow yourself 6-12 months to build towards race day. 

  • Yes, you're right, you don't have time to exercise. Sounds cliche but you do in fact need to make time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day to juggle work, family and everything else the fast-paced world throws our way. Fitness should be a non-negotiable inclusion into every week and doesn't need to labeled as "work out" time. Got a family? Get outside with a ball or check out some bike trails. Glued to your phone? Make yourself a no scrolling rule until you have ticked off daily exercise.

  • Don't begin a "diet" you're not prepared to do for the rest of your life. Many trendy diets are simply not sustainable and can end up harming your body and your relationship with food. If you need to drop large amounts of weight a health professional will be able to help you with safe strategies for this. For regular weight management, just make small but effective changes to your dietary intake rather than follow a strict regime.

  • Limit your alcohol intake. Health impacts aside alcohol is, in fact, an energy source (along with carbs, protein and fat). If you are targeting weight loss it's a no-brainer to limit drinking (sorry, but soda water + vodka still has energy!). It's worth a mention that when you drink you're also more likely to make questionable food choices and are less likely to get off the couch and move the day after. 

  • Hydrate. We generally need around 2L per day of water (give or take depending on your size). Start the day with a large glass of water and start implementing regular drinking habits into your daily routine. Some suggestions are a glass of water every time you use the bathroom or drink 1x 750ml drink bottle of water between every main meal. Don't forget training hydration; water is fine for sessions under an hour, however, aim to use sports drink for sessions over 60 minutes or that are high in intensity and hot and humid conditions. 

  • Build your main meals around fruits and vegetables. This will help increase your fibre, vitamin and mineral intake which is essential for weight loss (and also important for supporting your training and recovery). If you are out and about lots, then powdered forms of fruits and vegetables and can be a convenient way to ensure you are still getting plenty of nutrients into your meals and snacks. Check that your powders are freeze-dried to ensure the full nutrient profile remains undamaged through processing. We recommend taking 1tsp of PURE Blackcurrant Recovery on a daily basis (containing over 30 NZ blackcurrants per serve) to support general health & immunity.

2019 Events Calendar

 Park run NZ Every Saturday at a park near you

 March 2019

3rd Auckland Round the bays

 April 2019

14th Tauranga Half Marathon and associated events

 May 2019

4th Rotorua Marathon and associated events

18th Hawkes Bay Marathon and associated events

 June 2019

2nd Christchurch marathon and associated events

30th Wellington Marathon and associated events

 August 2019

3rd Taupo Marathon and associated events

 September 2019

1st Dunedin Marathon and associated events

8th North Shore marathon and associated events

15th Athletics NZ 10km Road Championships

15th Sydney Marathon and associated events

29th Hamilton Half Marathon and associated events

 October 2019

TBC Southland Marathon and associated events

20th Auckland Marathon and associated events

 November 2019

16th Queenstown marathon and associated events

 February 2020

TBC Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon and associated events

 March 2020

TBC Auckland round the Bays

 April 2020

5th Achilles Street Mile Auckland/wellington

TBC Tauranga Half Marathon and associated events

The Final Word

Thanks as always to our sponsors, partners guides, volunteers and chapter leaders -I know the athletes of Achilles really do appreciate your passion and commitment to them and the Achilles family.

Do have a great month in March whether you are going to race or just train or attend the various Parkruns around the country. Do keep up all the great work in training and being part of this worldwide Achilles family.

Alana Lythe