July Newsletter

To all our members, sponsors, partners, ambassadors, guides and volunteers. Welcome to the March edition of the Achilles NZ newsletter.

Achilles Partners up with Park Run NZ

A Special welcome to Lian and Noel from Parkrun New Zealand. The National Manager had a very productive meeting with Lian and Noel and as a result Achilles NZ and Parkrun have engaged in a new partnership which we believe will be of immense benefit to both organisations. As Lian and Noel have indicated “Parkrun New Zealand aims to support and assist Achilles NZ members, walkers and runners in taking part in parkrun events and encouraging support amongst the parkrun community”
Please see your local Chapter lead for more information concerning the nearest parkrun venue if you feel like participating in a 5km on a Saturday morning around New Zealand.

Blackmores Sydney Marathon and associated events 2018

Just another friendly reminder for you that Achilles New Zealand will be attending and competing in the Blackmores Sydney Marathon-it does have a 3.5km Family run/walk, a 10km run/walk and a Half Marathon. So please contact Marathon Tours to reserve your place for September 16

Sydney Marathon Flyer.png

From the Achilles Board


The survey results are nearly finally completed and they with other bits of information will be sent out to all members during August. Thanks to all those who contributed to the survey and your views are very much appreciated by the Board.
⦁    Chapter Leads and the National Manager continued their monthly tele conference which is always held on the last Monday night of each month. Rosa Carter was also present from the Board and spoke about the Chapter Manual. Rosa ‘s main interest is in the strengthening and developing of Chapters and each month a different Board member will be involved to discuss and help the Chapter Leaders and members in their main interest.
⦁    The Strategic planning day was held and was very productive. The results of this will again be made available during the coming weeks.

Taupo Marathon and associated events-Saturday 4th of August

The next big event to test all your training is located in the wonderful city of Taupo. A special mention to Marion Fournier the administrator of the Run Taupo series who again has kindly offered a special deal to our athletes and guides. This year Faustinah Ndlovu is the Achilles NZ contact and leader for this event-for those that wish to make contact with her please email Faustinah at rotorua@achillesnewzealand.org. 
The codes to use when entering this year is as follows:
Athletes code: RTachilles18    15% discount
Guides code:   CRTaguide18   free entry
Enter at https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?E=28283
This year Taupo are celebrating 25 years – check out their history here.  All finishers will receive our medal as well as the traditional Taupo “brown trout”.

The Wellington Marathon and associated events

A great day for all those who ran, walked, jogged, guided, volunteered and supported those from Achilles along with 3000 others, who competed at the Wellington 10km, the Half Marathon and the Marathon on Sunday July 1. There were plenty of smiles to be seen despite the early start and rather wintry conditions, but everyone was up to the challenge of running, wheeling and walking.

Kirsten, Keryn and Donna celebrating finishing the wellington Half Marathon. !!

Kirsten, Keryn and Donna celebrating finishing the wellington Half Marathon. !!

Time to get to know a member-this month it is Jack Lovett-Hurst



What Achilles Chapter are you a part of? Invercargill

What is your Injury/Disability? Muscular Dystrophy

How long have you been injured/disabled for and how did it happen? I have has Muscular Dystrophy since birth

What running achievement are you most proud of? The New York Marathon

What is your Favorite Event? New York Marathon,

What are you Hobbies/Interests? Watching sport and hanging out with my friends and meeting new people

What is your Favorite food? Oysters

What do you love most about running with Achilles NZ? Meeting new people and running with a great organisation called Achilles NZ.

If you could invite any four people to Dinner who would they be and why?
Sonny Bill William because he is a great All Black and rugby player, Steven Adams, because he a good Basketball Player and he plays in the NBA, Richie McCaw Because he was the best All Black captain, Mum Because she is the best mum in the world
Do you have a favorite Quote? What is it? Believe in yourself and never give up

Time to get to know a guide-this month it is Katy Whitford


What Achilles Chapter are you a part of?

What Distance do you Run when you aren’t Guiding? 
I enjoy any distance - 10km, half and full marathon. However, a half marathon I am the most comfortable with and enjoy the most!

What Event did you last Guide/Volunteer at?
I am yet to guide at an actual event. My first will be the North Shore Marathon in just a few weeks.

Why did you become a Volunteer/Guide for Achilles NZ?
I had often seen the Achilles team at events, and had an interest in what they do, then Stephen Jenkins (Achilles athlete) contacted me about being a running guide so I jumped at it!

What are you Hobbies/Interests?

What is your Favorite food?
Chocolate :)

What do you love most about being involved with Achilles NZ?
I have loved working with people who inspire me, and I have also loved getting to know a whole bunch of different people - there is a real community feel to it.

If you could invite any four people to Dinner who would they be and why?
Barack Obama and Katherine Switzer - because I admire both of these people and would love the chance to have a conversation with them.
Prince William and Kate Middleton - because I am one of those weird people who loves the Royals, and these two are my favourite!

Do you have a favorite Quote? What is it?
Yes, I have lots! But one of my faves is ‘Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently’ - Marie Forleo

Winter training around New Zealand

 Do have a great August as you keep training for all the various events you are going to compete in and remember that products from Pure Sports Nutrition will be of great assistance to help get you through the training.

We will be looking forward to hearing news from those competing in the events of the Taupo marathon on Saturday August 4 and thanks once more to all our guides and volunteers who put in so many hours for our members along with our sponsors and partners.

Alana Lythe